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12/14/2011 06:58 vote Eli for the PRO BOWL
Don't forget to go to and vote Eli Manning into the Pro-Bowl. His current 4,105 yards is most in Giants franchise history and he is on track to throw over 5,000 this year. That has only been done twice ever! Marino in '84 and Brees in '08. Sure, both Rodgers and Brees both have a chance to do it this year too, but that doesn't take anything away from what Eli has been able to do. Eli is tied for the most ever 4th quarter touchdowns with his brother Peyton and Johnny Unitas with 14. Peyton Manning's career high is 4,557 yards in '04. With 3 games left, Eli will almost def shatter the all time 4th quarter TD's record, and his brothers "manning" yards in a season. He absolutely has a chance to break Marino's yards in a season record. Vote the guy in. What are you waiting for??

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