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01/04/2013 08:54 Taipan is pathetic
I'M sure you all know because he is an idiot but taipan has atleast ten different accounts. He pretends to be a bunch of different people who are all in some fantasy league together. He goes out of his way to talk to himself from his dif names to try to cover it up. If you haven't noticed this just look at the past three blogs before this one and notice that all those names tourney against each other every day. If you start a tourney and you are not him, he rarely joins. He also has the most profile clicks yet him and all his names suck at picking. Funny? Yeah I think so. I thought temple and all his names were bad, this guy takes the cake. I would say that they might be the same person but temple was atleast half decent at making picks.

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01/05/2013 11:05 taipan57
Sad that in 2013 you still whine. Just because I 'd rather play MY friendsw from my office pool and not you makes me an idiot, well can't change you're mind, you're so Sherlockian. Hey whatever, good luck in 2013. I at least have respect and not call you names, accept being a whiner. Whatever dude.