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06/28/2013 07:29 NETS GOT RAPED
Nets fans are delirious if you think that was a good trade. KG, Pierce, and Terry are a combined 109 years old. You guys gave up humphries, Wallace, Joseph and another young guy. 3 first round picks on top of that? Wow!can we say bonehead trade? So, at best the nets will contend for one year, then they only have 2 first round picks in the next 5 years. Nets will never get any kind of real value for these guys, especially after one more year. That being said, great trade Boston. They are rebuilding but its gonna be easy now because Brooklyn is well, dumb.

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06/29/2013 08:49 pats11
nets are not keeping kg and pierce .this is just the first team they have to go through to get to clippers I think the comish said it has to be 3 teams before they get their.  a rule, kind of like you cant trade a coach, for a first round pick.