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06/30/2013 09:00 Are the young Mets pitchers for real?
In 2011 the Mets traded perennial all star Carlos Beltran for young pitching Phenom, Zack Wheeler. A trade I'm sure San Fran regrets now, after Beltran didn't re-sign with the Giants in 2012. Instead he signed a two year, 26 million dollar deal with the Cardinals. The Mets have struggled to replace his bat, and his outfield presence ever sense. Zack Wheeler has been the Mets top prospect sence, pitching in the futures game the past two years. He was considered the Mets top prospect even when Matt Harvey was also in the system. Zack Wheeler supposedly has better stuff. That's hard to believe now that Harvey leads the National league in all major pitching categories, and throws 5 quality pitches for strikes. 6 if you count his two different fastballs. Harvey has the highest average velocity in baseball on fastballs and sliders on the season too. Wheeler pitched 6 shut out innings in his major league debut against the braves. He struggled a bit more against the white sox in his second start but it was later brought to his attention that he had been tipping his pitches by moving his glove a little slower in the wind up before throwing his breaking ball. Wheeler says this issue is easily fixed. Today Wheeler will be put to the test facing the nationals and apposing pitcher Gio Gonzalez. Can Wheeler stand up to the heat and show up big so early in his career like his teammate Harvey does? We'll be watching him and his glove today at 1.

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