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08/29/2013 10:37 Load of crap
How is it even "all time" if it just gets reset every two years????? I bet all you horrible NFL pickers with negative NFL balances are happy about your stats being reset, but for me and the few others who actually pick well, it is totally unfair.

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09/02/2013 06:11 pats11
taking the under48 fla. st. -pitt . pitt returing 8 starters on d. fla. st. gonna run the ball all right  24-10 kinda score fla. st. wins. could be closer y im off the 10 point spread fla st. starting redshirt fres. pitts starting senior q..b. but pitt cant run .
09/01/2013 07:27 winalotofmoney2
I am laying off totals. I killed it this weekend on spreads, but the totals cut into some of my profits.
09/01/2013 02:19 winalotofmoney2
that is sad. Some nice input could be found on this site in the chat dialogues. Its unfortunate to lose a resource like that just because some kids get mad about losing their fantasy land points.
09/01/2013 09:00 pats11
razor tired of people mean girling on it , but he might as well shut the site down it you cant even discuss your picks or make bold predictions, what the point in coming on here, just to win nothing and nothing else I don't think so ,as the kids say im out.
08/31/2013 07:58 winalotofmoney2
what happened to the chat window on the side? Football season is here we need to discuss our picks!