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03/26/2016 02:32 Best fantasy baseball
I want to start a 10 person free fantasy baseball league with one minor tweak. Everyones team name has to be their snapchat name and everyone has to add all the league members on snapchat on draft day. The league will be more fun and personal because we'll be able to talk sports, joke around, talk smack, and become friends through snapchat text, pictures, and videos all season long. I'm trying my best to only let in knowledgeable and fun people but it's getting close to the season and I'd like to draft either Monday or Wednesday. Add me on snapchat @moose_tacos and send me a message about fantasy baseball if you are interested in joining. Don't wait. We are running out of time and this is going to be such a fun league. Get your spot now. We need more sports and dude stuff on snap.

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