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03/26/2016 02:32 Best fantasy baseball
I want to start a 10 person free fantasy baseball league with one minor tweak. Everyones team name has to be their snapchat name and everyone has to add all the league members on snapchat on draft day. The league will be more fun and personal because we'll be able to talk sports, joke around, talk smack, and become friends through snapchat text, pictures, and videos all season long. I'm trying my best to only let in knowledgeable and fun people but it's getting close to the season and I'd like to draft either Monday or Wednesday. Add me on snapchat @moose_tacos and send me a message about fantasy baseball if you are interested in joining. Don't wait. We are running out of time and this is going to be such a fun league. Get your spot now. We need more sports and dude stuff on snap.

09/04/2013 12:32 Formally known as pete
Hey everyone. I don't know about you guys, but I love the new FB sync. I think it could help cut down on the multiple accounts and I bet it brings a lot of new traffic here by posting comments on Facebook. Only 9 likes so far? If you haven't liked fofreepicks, you need to. This is the best thing that happened to this site in a while! I'm excited! Anyway, if its going to say my name in the comments I figured why not change my SN too. I'm now Terry B. I was Pete before. Although the NFL history has been reset, its easy to see who's the man is when it cones to the NFL. Just take a quick peek in my trophy case. You won't find a bunch of BS tourney trophies like a lot of tools on here. You'll see numerous trophies for winning a ton of NFL weeks..You'll find some weekly overall trophies, and 3 overall monthly trophies. I'm a beast, especially during football season. Pay attention. ;)

08/29/2013 10:37 Load of crap
How is it even "all time" if it just gets reset every two years????? I bet all you horrible NFL pickers with negative NFL balances are happy about your stats being reset, but for me and the few others who actually pick well, it is totally unfair.

08/29/2013 10:32 NFL all time
What the heck?? How many times are we going to reset the NFL all time stats? I worked hard to be where I was before. This is the second time I've been screwed out of my awesome NFL stats. Third if you count when I decided to retire my giants44 account because I was number one all time and the stats were just reset. That's a load of bullshit.

07/26/2013 08:46 Biogenisis
By now, all of you are somewhat familiar with the biogenisis PED scandal. With 99percent of the focus now on Ryan Braun and A-Fraud, there are at least 15 other known baseball players involved. Rumor has it, there are quite a few big names yet to be released. On top of that, the biogenisis whistle blower says there are major athletes involved from almost every other major sport excluding the NFL and NHL. Not that NFL and or NHL players aren't juicing, because some of them almost certainly are. Maybe these guys have a "better hookup," who are better (for now) at keeping their mouths shut. What does this mean? It could mean one of your favorite players is on the verge of getting busted, and you don't even know it. All of us are hoping its not our guys. I'm not one to root for suspensions or injuries but if it has to be someone, I'd prefer it to be no one from my own fantasy teams, and maybe someone from my teams rivals. It would be kind of messed up, but I think it would be SUPER FUN if we could somehow bet on individual players, and if they are to be busted by a certain date. Post in comments players who aren't yet named, who you suspect are or have been juicing.

06/30/2013 09:00 Are the young Mets pitchers for real?
In 2011 the Mets traded perennial all star Carlos Beltran for young pitching Phenom, Zack Wheeler. A trade I'm sure San Fran regrets now, after Beltran didn't re-sign with the Giants in 2012. Instead he signed a two year, 26 million dollar deal with the Cardinals. The Mets have struggled to replace his bat, and his outfield presence ever sense. Zack Wheeler has been the Mets top prospect sence, pitching in the futures game the past two years. He was considered the Mets top prospect even when Matt Harvey was also in the system. Zack Wheeler supposedly has better stuff. That's hard to believe now that Harvey leads the National league in all major pitching categories, and throws 5 quality pitches for strikes. 6 if you count his two different fastballs. Harvey has the highest average velocity in baseball on fastballs and sliders on the season too. Wheeler pitched 6 shut out innings in his major league debut against the braves. He struggled a bit more against the white sox in his second start but it was later brought to his attention that he had been tipping his pitches by moving his glove a little slower in the wind up before throwing his breaking ball. Wheeler says this issue is easily fixed. Today Wheeler will be put to the test facing the nationals and apposing pitcher Gio Gonzalez. Can Wheeler stand up to the heat and show up big so early in his career like his teammate Harvey does? We'll be watching him and his glove today at 1.

06/28/2013 07:44 Blogs
I'd write more of them if it wasn't called taipans house. First of all he has no integrity. How is it even fun making picks both ways on every game from multiple accounts? Its bad enough that he tourneys against himself 5 times a day. So, one crappy picker has takin' a otherwise kick ass site and divided its awesomeness by atleast 3. I've been complaining about this for a while but no one seems to care. On top of that, I'm not a fan of cheap Chinese take out, so I'm not trying to go to his house. Atleast the Chinese place down the street gives you free crab Rangoon if your order is atleast 20 bucks.

06/28/2013 07:29 NETS GOT RAPED
Nets fans are delirious if you think that was a good trade. KG, Pierce, and Terry are a combined 109 years old. You guys gave up humphries, Wallace, Joseph and another young guy. 3 first round picks on top of that? Wow!can we say bonehead trade? So, at best the nets will contend for one year, then they only have 2 first round picks in the next 5 years. Nets will never get any kind of real value for these guys, especially after one more year. That being said, great trade Boston. They are rebuilding but its gonna be easy now because Brooklyn is well, dumb.

04/10/2013 10:20 ESPN Fantasy baseball app
The ESPN fantasy baseball app could be awesome but it needs a few small fixes before it can be used to control your fantasy teams completely. First, on your my team page, it does not show the opposing pitcher for each hitter like it does on Also,there is no way to see batter vs. scheduled pitcher stats. Lastly, if you look at schedule view, it does not tell you when your pitchers are scheduled to throw again. All these things are easy to see on so by using the baseball app, you are at a huge disadvantage in your league, leagues. I've sent a few complaints to ESPN through the apps feedback section but they've done nothing about it. If you have this app, or you're about to get it, please complain about these issues. Maybe if a few others complain, they'll do it faster. I really don't think it would be that difficult for them to fix.

02/10/2013 12:06 CLIPS ARE GOING DOWN AT ONE!
Take the Knicks. Gonna win big today! Believe me. I'm the kind of guy with a heater right next to the toilet, so I can take heated-shits. You can trust a guy like that.

01/04/2013 08:54 Taipan is pathetic
I'M sure you all know because he is an idiot but taipan has atleast ten different accounts. He pretends to be a bunch of different people who are all in some fantasy league together. He goes out of his way to talk to himself from his dif names to try to cover it up. If you haven't noticed this just look at the past three blogs before this one and notice that all those names tourney against each other every day. If you start a tourney and you are not him, he rarely joins. He also has the most profile clicks yet him and all his names suck at picking. Funny? Yeah I think so. I thought temple and all his names were bad, this guy takes the cake. I would say that they might be the same person but temple was atleast half decent at making picks.

12/23/2012 11:40 Food for thought
OK. Maybe its more like food for NFL games. Who has some good ideas or recipes? The quicker, the better. Thanks!

02/06/2012 02:40 TITLE

01/28/2012 06:38 make your pick
I'll give you guys 3 guesses as to who I like to win the Super Bowl.

01/20/2012 07:59 RIDE THE GIANTS
Most of you know I am a Giants fan. That doesn't mean I always pick them to win, or always think they will. Most of the time? Yes. But then again, they do win most of the time. What it does mean is that I am a superfan. I know who is hurt, whos wife is sleeping around and who is gonna come up big or small. Last year I picked the packers to win the superbowl way before everyone else got on the bandwagon (point being I don't always think the Giants are the best team). During the regular season I told you guys over and over to watch out for the Giants and that you were all way to late with the whole packers thing. You all laughed at me. A few of you argued that Eli got lucky when he won the superbowl and that he had no chance at all to go into green bay and beat Rodgers and the packers. Who's laughing now? Now that I got my "I told you so" in, I'll tell you why the 49ers have no chance of advancing to the superbowl. I realize the 49ers beat the Giants when they played back in november but there are some big differences from that game. First, Ahmad Bradshaw, Prince Amukamara, and David Baas all missed the game due to injuries. Hakeem Nicks, Justin Tuck, and Osi Umenyiora were all active but had nagging injuries that kept any of them from making any kind of impact on the game at all. Secondly, the Giants have been there and done that. The Giants still have 7 players on offence, 6 players on D and their kicker left from super bowl 42. They know what it takes to win, and the younger guys (JPP, Cruz, Nicks, Manningham, Amukamara) all want to learn what it takes. Third, Eli manning is CLUTCH!! My man comes up biggest when it matters most. If you still don't believe that then you havn't been watching much football this year. Eli broke the all time record for TD's in the 4th quarter breaking the record previously held by Peyton Manning and J. Unitus. The 49ers do have a hell of a coach but its not going to be enough as the Giants D has picked up in the last month or so and is a whole new beast now. If the 49ers watch tape from the previous game in november they are gonna be in for a surprise. Eli Manning put up the 6th highest yardage total in NFL history this year. Dan Marino (retired), Matt Stafford (this year), and Drew Brees (twice), will all be home on the couch watching Eli win while Tom Brady (also this year) is the only QB to ever throw for more yards than Eli that is still playing. Go ahead, Keep pickin' against the Giants. DUMBASSES lol.

01/20/2012 07:15 TITLE

01/15/2012 10:35 Giants plus 9

12/14/2011 06:58 vote Eli for the PRO BOWL
Don't forget to go to and vote Eli Manning into the Pro-Bowl. His current 4,105 yards is most in Giants franchise history and he is on track to throw over 5,000 this year. That has only been done twice ever! Marino in '84 and Brees in '08. Sure, both Rodgers and Brees both have a chance to do it this year too, but that doesn't take anything away from what Eli has been able to do. Eli is tied for the most ever 4th quarter touchdowns with his brother Peyton and Johnny Unitas with 14. Peyton Manning's career high is 4,557 yards in '04. With 3 games left, Eli will almost def shatter the all time 4th quarter TD's record, and his brothers "manning" yards in a season. He absolutely has a chance to break Marino's yards in a season record. Vote the guy in. What are you waiting for??

04/14/2011 04:57 Reds
I like the Reds to win it all.